Friday, May 15, 2009

Jacob's Birthday

Jacob celebrated his 7th birthday last week. He was nearly jumping out of his wheelchair with excitement as he waited for his gifts and cake. Landon is quite experienced at birthdays now, so he tried to give him a hand in opening his gifts - he was quickly told to leave them alone by the other children! Jacob received a bike helmet, so he can start to learn to ride a bike, a toy car and a drink bottle which carries around with him tucked in the side of his wheelchair. He had to have a few tries to blow out the candles on his cake, before sharing it with everyone.

Progress on the Clubfoot Unit: Change Tables

The change tables are in the process of being upholstered. Plywood topped with foam and then covered in vinyl works really well. They should be completed next week.

Progess on the Clubfoot Unit: Kitchen Dayroom ready for paint

The walls were filled ready for painting which we hope will happen over the weekend, so the kitchen and the dayroom are finally coming together. The people who built the walls for us, also helped out by cleaning the windows, some of which were extremely marked with years of dirt. Then they bought fruit for all the children, they just wanted to do something extra to help.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank you for your donations

We received today a lot of donated clothing, blankets, vitamins, Ponseti braces and bars, and other items we needed from the States, which is an amazing help. Thank you to all of you who donated items to us – they will be well used. LeeAnn and Stefanie are in the process of helping to sort it all out.

Progress on the Clubfoot Unit

The kitchen walls were mostly installed today, and should be finished tomorrow. We were able to find a plasterboard instead of bricks with plaster over the top, which has made the job a lot cheaper and quicker. Cleaning and organising of the rooms is progressing well too.

Bouncing with joy

A generous donor gave the children a trampoline which they just love. It’s a hit with the babies as well as with the children from the CP Unit. They all take turns bouncing around and seeing what new tricks they can do. A big “thankyou” to our donor.

Happy Birthday Hugo and Landon!

Hugo and Landon celebrated their birthdays in the same week, with Coconut cake and gifts. The older children from the Babies Unit came down to join in the fun and eat cake together. The children all gathered around the outside table and sang Happy Birthday in English and Chinese. Hugo received a backpack, drinking flask and a cap and Landon also received a backpack, drinking flask and a t-shirt and shorts. The two boys didn’t take long to get into the groove of opening gifts, cake and candles – birthdays are a big Hit!