Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jimmy turns 13!

Jimmy celebrated his 13th birthday this week. He got a cool Pirates of the Carribean bathtowel, a wooden model ship to build and markers and a set of pushout model cars and racetrack to assemble. Everyone was ready to help him celebrate and he's enjoying building his gifts.

Min Hao

Min Hao had his 2nd casts applied today. He's very co-operative with the whole process and enjoys wearing his "special shoes"!


On Monday 25th October, Lexi had her third round of casts to her right foot, but the cast was left off her left foot, as she had developed some sores under her toes. She also has spina bifida and the sores are a result of reduced feeling in the foot. We’ll give them a chance to heal properly before applying the next cast.

Brace for Cris & 1st casts for Min Hao

The 21st October, Cris also went into bracing after finishing the casting process and is very happy. Min Hao had his first casts and was very compliant with the whole process.

Joey's Brace

On 19th October, Joey went into his brace, after his successful casting and tenotomy.
He is very active in his brace – as he was in his cast, so he doesn’t miss out on any fun or mischief that is happening!

Friday, October 16, 2009


On Wednesday 14th October, Lexi had her first casts.


Zac's hands have responded really well to casting, and they are now in a functional position. Casting of his feet has now begun.

Brace for Josh

Friday 9th Oct completed Josh's casting and he went into his fulltime bracing stage. His feet are now fully corrected and he's in fulltime bracing for 3 months.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Zac's hands are responding well to treatment. He had his third casts applied on Wednesday which should be his last hand casts.


Cris had her tenotomy on Wednesday and we are really happy with how her feet responded. She will enjoy the break in the casting routine as these casts are now on for the next three weeks to allow her tenotomy to heal.