Monday, March 29, 2010

But...the others were not forgotten!

As we couldn't take everyone, we decided some take out was the order of the day.

We would have loved to take soft serves, but they wouldn't last the trip...
so we armed ourselves with what we knew our Chinese kids would love....

Would you believe it.... Corn... and fries!

Yes, where else in the world do you know of kids who consider corn a wonderful treat?

Our kids LOVE it!

So, for an after dinner snack everyone chowed down on corn, fries and ketchup!

And they had a wonderful time!

A stop at Maccas.

We had to make a trip to town today and Landon was the lucky little guy who got to come along for the ride.

We asked him if he'd like some McDonalds.
He's only been there once before - but this little man knows his mind.

YES - came the quick reply!

He devoured the corn, the OJ, and then polished off the burger.

But, he still found enough room in that little tummy of his, to put away a whole soft serve!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lilly's Turn.

Our youngest little darling had her first casts this week. Although she wasn't super thrilled to start with about all that was going on, it wasn't long before she settled down.

We just love the photo of her looking up at our Supervisor, who is always with the children when they have their casting appointments.

We hope that you enjoy following her journey with us.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1st Cast a Breeze!

Sarah slept peacefully through most of her first casting appointment this week.

When I checked her throughout the day, she was content just to sleep and drink just as normal.

Her new casts didn't make one iota of difference to her normal routine!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nice weather at last!

Today the kids had fun outside in the lovely weather.

They jumped on the trampoline.

They played in the sandpit.

They rode bikes.

It was lovely to see them enjoy the nice day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look who popped in!

Sophie came in for her first checkup since going into foster care.

She is doing really well, and her feet are doing all the right things!

She has a great foster mum who just loves this little cutie pie to pieces.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pardon me Claire – are they your new shoes ….and brace?

She is mobile, crawling all around and into everything as normal,


she doesn’t like anyone even looking at her feet or taking a photos!

So these shots are taken after a lot of cajoling by Gabi!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gwendolyn's Journey.

Gwendolyn arrived in the Babies Unit on the 3rd Jan 08.

She was a very sick little baby, with a very serious heart condition.

We sought help for her over the next few months, but unfortunately couldn’t find any hospital which felt they could take on her case. There didn’t seem to be any hope for her.

We were there through all her “firsts”, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, talking, just living and loving life!!

Over the year, her health greatly improved, so we decided to try once more to see if she could be helped.

This time we got positive news and eventually, Gwendolyn had her surgery in Beijing last year.

She returned to us after surgery to recover.

And last Friday, she went into foster care!


Josh and Janie left for their hometown and to go into foster care last week, after completing their treatment in the Clubfoot Unit. We took time to prepare them, talking to them both about their new homes and how they would get there.

It’s wonderful to see the changes in the children’s lives throughout their stay, but it’s always hard to say goodbye.

How wonderful that they are leaving us – treated

and with the opportunity to lead a normal life.

Thank you to everyone who helped Josh and Janie throughout their stay with us.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Helping Out.

On Friday after dinner, Ruby was crying and wouldn't be consoled. The Carers were busy cleaning up and organizing the children with their chores.

Our Director heard what was happening and asked Jack if he'd take Ruby for a walk outside in the courtyard. He wanted to help, but he was in the middle of doing his chores. Brad piped up and said, "Don't worry, I'll do your chores for you."

So off Jack went, with Emily along to help where she could. As soon as they were outside, Ruby stopped crying and enjoyed the ride.

Enjoy the photos and see the care they take of Ruby, even stopping to wipe up her dribble!

How's that for family?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Wheels for Ruby!

Today, Ruby got her new wheelchair, complete with a edged table, so she can play with things without them always falling on the floor.

The table is made from layers of cardboard glued together and covered with thick vinyl. It's then attached to the arms of the wheelchair with thick velcro.

We're looking forward to seeing how much she enjoys her new chair.


We have a new Director for our US Operations - Stefanie Leist! We couldn't have found a more perfect fit!

I am humbled and honored at the opportunity to become the new Director of An Orphan's Wish. My passion for orphans began in 2005, when my eyes were opened to the need for not only adoptive families to step forward to care for these children, but also for advocacy for the children left behind. Since that time, my husband Chris and I have adopted five special needs children from China. We consider ourselves immeasurable blessed by the addition of each of our children.

Our connection to Guilin began in 2006, when we adopted our daughter Sophie from Guilin. The connection was deepened in early 2010, with the adoption of our newest daughter, Vivienne, who is also from Guilin. Additionally, I had the privilege of traveling with LeeAnn to visit An Orphan's Wish in May 2009 and was thoroughly impressed by not only the facility and the attentiveness with which the careers handle each and every child, but with Brian and Kirsten, who give their very heart and soul to this effort. I could not ask to be working with and for a more dedicated and compassionate group of people.

I very much look forward to what 2010 has in store for An Orphan's Wish!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Janie, Ethan & Cooper!

These guys just got right into the spirit of things – they were ready to party and weren’t daunted by any tears!

Ethan led the pack, blowing out the candles, ripping off the paper, and trying to “help” the others!

Janie is now the proud owner of a pink flowery blanket, some clothes & hair ties. Cooper and Ethan both just loved their cars and teddies.

Time for cake and little hands were outstretched to get their share, which was quickly devoured in the hopes of getting another piece!

Party over, and Ethan was off like a rocket to stash his loot in his room!

It’s my party & I’ll cry if I want too……

We celebrated the February Clubfoot Unit & Special Care Unit kiddos birthdays on Friday! Yes, I know we were a bit late, but life has been a bit hectic round here lately!


Everything was going to plan, all the kids seated around the tables, when all of a sudden Claire burst into tears! And I mean major tears! Nothing would stop them!

Not singing Happy Birthday - in Chinese & English!

Not blowing out candles on the cake!

Not opening presents!


She just continued to cry!

She did stop however … to eat cake!

Which she enjoyed, all the while closely guarding her gifts – a bunny, a Hello Kitty blanket, hair ties and a bag.

By end of the celebration … she was back to her happy self!

Our latest Cutie Pie!

This precious little girl arrived very tired, and very hungry, early on Friday morning. She is now settling into the Unit, so she is ready for her Clubfoot treatment. She devoured her bottle, never once taking her eyes off the Carer, and was eager for some more! It wasn’t long before she was all tucked up, sound asleep, all warm and cosy in her crib.

Rylie turns 6!

Rylie was Princess for the day on Friday as she celebrated her 6th birthday. She fell head over heels for her Barbie princess doll, which she toted around for the rest of the day!

As well as the Barbie, she was over the moon with her fluffy dog handbag, hair ties and a beautiful Strawberry Shortcake blanket for her bed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The end is in sight!

Timothy had tenotomy's today. He now has a break from casting for a few weeks, while we wait for them to heal.

Next, he'll go into the bracing phase which will last for 3 months, before going into foster care.

Christmas Baby!

This little darling was born with Clubfoot on Christmas Day. She will receive a belated but wonderful gift; her feet well corrected and she will have the chance of a life without this disability.

She arrived at our Unit today, after a long 12 hour trip. It wasn't long before she was bathed, in clean clothes, and had a full tummy. For now, we'll focus on getting her into a good routine and getting her well - she has a chest infection - then we'll start her treatment.

However, she does need sponsors to help her. If you are interested in sponsoring her, please go to the Contact Us link on the Front page of our Website.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Look at me now!

Casting is over for Zac, he's now in his brace - hooray! This little guy has had more hurdles than normal to overcome, and we think he's a little champ.
We've posted a before and after shot, so you can see just how much his life has changed for the better. It's not just his feet that have been treated, but his hands as well!

Nearly there!

Benjamin is in his last cast, after having his tenotomy on Friday. It won't be long before he's out of it and into his brace.