Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are thrilled to share with you all the exciting news happening at An Orphan's Wish. Many of you have contacted us to ask "Where are you?" and "What do the buildings look like". So we thought we would share a few photos with you. We are located in the Guangxi province, near Guilin. We are so fortunate to be in a new building that has been rennovated for each of our units. We have a lot of space and plenty of growing room.

Our main floor is for our House of Love kids and boy do they love the courtyard and outside areas. Wheelchair accessible ramps have been installed so they can freely move around inside the gates. A great courtyard area is in the center of the building, which allows for alot of outside activities, play time and even lunch.

Our second floor is dedicated to our Special Care Unit Babies. We have many bedrooms, a huge changing and dressing area, kitchen area, and lots of storage. A bright sunny playroom has plenty of toys to keep these little ones busy. We have additional space to grow in the future, with alot of exciting ideas for these new spaces.

We will continue to share with you all the wonderful things happening at An Orphans Wish through our blog. You will love seeing the changes and happy faces in the children we are able to help each day. Stay tuned for more!

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