Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet our new Club Foot Unit Coordinator

An Orphans Wish is excited to announce our new Club Foot Unit Coordinator - Stefanie ! We have found the absolute perfect fit for this position. Stefanie is an incredible mother to nine beautiful kids, for who have been adopted from China. Club foot casting using the Ponseti method comes second nature to Stefanie, as her two youngest sons have both received treatment for their club feet using this method. Stefanie has extensive knowledge in this procedure and its benefits to club foot children. Her professional relationships with the Ponseti doctors in the United States as well as with our medical staff in China, makes for a wonderful team for our new club foot unit. Stefanie also has one daughter adopted from Guilin, China where our unit is located and has that personal desire to help the children from her daughters orphanage.

Our new club foot children available for sponsorship will be up on our website within a few days. Please feel free to contact Stefanie at for more information on sponsorship or details about this new unit.

Stefanie is well known throughout the adoption community as a strong advocate for the adoption of special needs children in China. Her website offers an amazing resource for families interested in adopting children with special needs. Stefanie has such an huge heart for these children, incredible faith and a passion to give back to the children who still wait in China. We couldn't have found a more perfect person.

Welcome Stefanie.....we are honored to have you join our team!

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Sharon said...

What a WONDERFUL announcement! I don't think there is a better qualified person out there!

Congratulations, Stefanie!