Sunday, July 12, 2009

Natural wonders

Wow, what a day. Four new babies arrived in the Special Care Unit late in the afternoon on 3 July. Two of the bubs are premmie, so we have them all wrapped up and warm and sharing a cot at the moment. It always takes some time to process each baby and make sure they are settled, so it was 7.15pm by the time we were heading for home.

Then we had to negotiate the flood waters to get home. It had been raining steadily for a number of days and the result was major flooding. We were very fortunate to get out before the only road left open was completely closed. The photo shows the flooded farmland and roadway. Our afternoon shift staff weren’t so lucky and had to stay overnight. They took it in relays to work the night shift, so that they could all get some sleep. Fortunately, the road was open again late the next morning and the new shift could come in for each of the Units.

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