Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning to tackle the stairs

The Clubfoot and the Babies Units are both on the second floor of our facility.

We have a policy
that these kiddos have to
crawl up and down the stairs - purely for safety reasons.

So, time to learn how to do it.

Claire sat and observed a number of others first
before she decided to give it a go.

Our Carers were right there beside each of the kids
showing them just how it was done.

When you have AFO's or a brace on
it's not that easy -
but there's no stopping these little achievers!


Kim said...

Go Claire Go!

Chandra said...

What a big scary task for these little ones.

Good job Clair!!! (clap, clap) Yeah!

Emmy said...

Way to go Claire!! She's so stinkin' cute!!