Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who got it next?

Well, we know you've been patiently waiting...
so here it is at long last!

The wheelchair's newest owner is

Gabriella came to us in 2008.
She has severe CP.
She can't hold up her head, even though she has just turned 3.

We have tried everything to make her as comfortable as possible,
as we didn't have anything suitable for her to sit in.

All sorts of shapes and sorts of cushions -
water filled, hollowed out, small, big....
strollers, bathing chairs, special baby chairs...
but nothing worked effectively to make her comfortable
and to give her the support she needs.

So apart from when she was held,
she spent nearly all her time on the floor in different positions.
she hardly ever complained.

We started to look at Ruby's chair, as she was outgrowing it,
and yes
it would work!


The big day finally came last week.
All was made ready.

She was one excited little girl,
her first opportunity to sit correctly,
be up with everyone else,
and see everything that's happening.

Gabriella can't speak, although she can make some noises.
We communicate with her at the moment by blinking, 1 for yes, 2 for no
and she knows what she wants!

We sat her in the chair put on all the straps
asked her
"How is it?"

She took a deep breath,
and with all her strength,
(which is "good" in Chinese)
and grinned from ear to ear.

What a moment.
It's not one that we will forget.

This wheelchair is now changing another little girl's life.


Cheri said...

As a mom to a beautiful daughter from China who has CP this has literally made me sob! I am so happy for this sweet child!

I was once told my daughter would never talk and today she is talking three to four word sentences! Never underestimate a child!

Chandra said...

Tears are rolling. Obviously this litte girl is happy...happy enough to talk! WOW! Yeah for Gabriella.

Sharon said...

Love that beautiful Gabriella can now see her world sitting up!

Thank you so much for sharing the story of this little wheelchair that has changed the lives of so many!