Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Wheelchair.

In 2005 we received donated wheelchair.

Some ladies organised for a company in Colorado, USA, to custom make a wheelchair for Lyn, one of our children who has severe CP. They brought it with them when they came to visit.
We'd like to tell you the story of this chair and how it has been used.

Before having this wheelchair, Lyn could only lie on a bed,
in fact, her contractures were so bad,
that it took hours of therapy before she could begin to use it.
But, she did,
and it changed her life as you can see from the photos!

Lyn outgrew it,
so we adapted it for another of our children
Jacob, who also has CP.

Jacob loved the wheelchair
and all the freedom it gave him to be a little boy!


Jacob outgrew it also
and we adapted it again.

This time it was for
Zac, a little 3 year old with CP.
Zac didn't have any head control,
so the headrest and other attachments gave him a much better quality of life
enabled him to participate in the daily life of the House of Love.

yes you guessed it..

Zac outgrew the chair
and so it was time to adapt it again!

This time for Ruby
also one of our residents in the CP/Res Unit at the House of Love.
Although she doesn't have CP, she is immobile,
so the chair has increased her quality of life.


as usual,
Ruby also outgrew the chair...

And Yes,
we have adapted it again!


you'll have to wait till the next post
to see whose it is now!

Right now,
we just want to express our thanks again
to the ladies,
Diana & Lily
who organised the wheelchair all those years ago.

And to the company who donated it,
Thank you
for making a life changing difference
in so many children's lives.


Chandra said...

Ok, I'm ready for the next post now! Don't wait too long please! :)

Jessica said...

I love this! Truly inspiring. I want to read the next post too :)

Hilterbrand Family said...

Maybe we should start a collect for another wheel chair? barb